“Another teen dead on the tracks. Another suicide:” How inconsiderate can you be?

Read this article from the Star Ledger about the recent suicide in our area. The headline says it all “Another suicide, another Monmouth County community stricken with familiar grief.” And it only gets worst from there.

There is no sympathy for our community or the family who lost their loved one.

Honestly, this article makes me mad. The language they use throughout it disgusts me.

Coming from a journalist’s perspective…this is very poorly written. It is very biased and you can see exactly how the reporter feels about the topic. He has no sympathy for our community and what we have been through. To him, it is just “another suicide.” Now everything this reporter is saying is true; however, his language and tone is all wrong.

“Another teen dead on the tracks. Another suicide,” the article said.

No. It is not just another teen dead on the tracks or another suicide. He was a person and a member of our community. It is a very tragic loss for the community.

To top matters off, a commenter wrote “Homicide for the poor, suicide for the rich.”

I’m sorry, but who are you?

It would be easy to write suicide off as teenagers from rich areas complaining about meager things and ending their life when they do not get it.

But it is not that simple.

Suicide is a condition that is not for one demographic. It is a very tragic thing that occurs because that child/teen/adult at the time thinks he/she has no other way out. It can happen to anyone and it can happen for many reasons.

And unfortunately, our area has gotten more than its fair share of suicides.

But that does not mean you can write an article or post a comment that is so inconsiderate. You are not just being inconsiderate to those who passed away, but also to those in the community who are effected by this tragedy.

Yes, our community has faced many suicides in the past four years. But to dismiss it as something so simple and ignorant as “suicide for the rich” disgusts me.

Suicide is a very complicated and emotionally wrenching situation that happens when an individual feels trapped, like there is no way out.

Our community has faced many suicides, yes that is true, but we are working our hardest to get help to people who need it.

We have been through a lot, and we would never wish this to happen to anyone else.

Luckily, these tough times have made us stronger than ever.

We are warriors, and we are strong.

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About Haley Behre

I graduated from Syracuse University in December 2011 with majors in newspaper journalism and women and gender studies. Using these majors, I aspire to become a journalist who writes about human rights issues. I have held internships at the Syracuse New Times, Dash Media PR Firm, Syracuse Post-Standard and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. I also had an internship at the Not For Sale Campaign Syracuse chapter, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. I was born in Seoul, Korea on September 30, 1990 and moved to the United States before I was one year old. When I was 8, my family and I moved to Norwich, England for three years. While I was here I was immersed into a new culture and got to experience many things other children my age do not get to. Over the three years, I visited Ireland, France and the Netherlands several times, and Belgium, Wales and Sweden once. In the winter of 2010, I got an amazing opportunity to visit Kenya for a month. This was by far the single most eye-opening experience of my life thus far. The natural beauty of the landscape and its people do not compare to anything I have seen. I currently intern for the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press in the hopes of getting a full-time job at a newspaper or non-profit after.
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