Pope slams artificial procreation, pressing for a ban on it

According to The Washington Post, the Pope is pressing the church ban on artificial procreation, saying that marriage is the only place a human should be created.

Sperm/egg donation and artificial methods of conception, like vitro fertilization are banned by the Church for those who practice the religion faithfully. But the Church fully endorses research on infertility.

“The human and Christian dignity of procreation, in fact, doesn’t consist in a ‘product,” he said, “but in its link to the conjugal act, an expression of the love of the spouses of their union, not only biological but also spiritual.”

Who is to say that only marriage can constitute creating a human?

This is absurd. This would pave the way for so many individuals and deserving couples from becoming parents. In this day and age, children are brought into the world in many different situations- some good and some bad. But natural conception with a married couple does not always guarantee a good upbringing. I know many people in the world that have been brought up by single mothers/fathers and they turned out great! I also know a few people who have conceived through fertility treatment and they were great parents. Just because the child is not naturally conceived, does not mean they will love their child any less or that they will be any lesser of a parent. In fact, I know many adults who are married and have children, but should not be parents.

Furthermore, biology is not always on our side. But that does not mean they should be childless. Fertility treatment and artificial procreation allows people who have trouble naturally conceiving have a child. That is not wrong.

These adults deserve to be parents just as much as anyone else. How dare someone determine how a child is born and who can be parents.


About Haley Behre

I graduated from Syracuse University in December 2011 with majors in newspaper journalism and women and gender studies. Using these majors, I aspire to become a journalist who writes about human rights issues. I have held internships at the Syracuse New Times, Dash Media PR Firm, Syracuse Post-Standard and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. I also had an internship at the Not For Sale Campaign Syracuse chapter, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. I was born in Seoul, Korea on September 30, 1990 and moved to the United States before I was one year old. When I was 8, my family and I moved to Norwich, England for three years. While I was here I was immersed into a new culture and got to experience many things other children my age do not get to. Over the three years, I visited Ireland, France and the Netherlands several times, and Belgium, Wales and Sweden once. In the winter of 2010, I got an amazing opportunity to visit Kenya for a month. This was by far the single most eye-opening experience of my life thus far. The natural beauty of the landscape and its people do not compare to anything I have seen. I currently intern for the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press in the hopes of getting a full-time job at a newspaper or non-profit after.
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One Response to Pope slams artificial procreation, pressing for a ban on it

  1. vidurar says:

    The Holy father describes infertility only as an “organic condition” which is rather a cruel thing to say . Me and my wife , ( both are Catholics) , will like to describe infertility as a “ painful condition “ . We had our first child through IVF after waiting for four years and we firmly believe that it was nothing less than a miracle and our prayers were finally answered by the Almighty . This statement from Vatican only helps to rub salt into the wounds of a lot of childless couples .

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