Computers will one day be humans?

According to CNN, Ray Kurzweil, a futurist and inventor, believes that the line between human and technology is blurring so much that one day it will merge and computers will be accepted as human.

Kurzweil sited Apple’s Siri as a prime example. Humans are able to communicate with Siri and ask her where “XX” location is, where food is and other things. Siri then calculates, researches and thinks, then responds.

Kurzweil told CNN,”‘We created these tools to extend our reach,’ he said — something we’ve been doing as humans ‘ever since we first picked up a stick to reach a tree branch.'”

And today, we have extended our reach to dependency. For example, almost everyone has a smartphone attached to his/her hand and almost everyone owns a computer or iPad (or both).

This dependency is only growing. Kurzweil predicts that unimaginable inventions, like nanotechnology ” that will be 1,000 times more powerful than human blood cells and injected in people’s bloodstreams to give them superhuman endurance,” will be a reality within decades because of how quickly technology is evolving.


I truly understand where Kurzweil is coming from. Today, people and technology are like one. If you walk down the street, 99 percent of people have a cellphone in hand and are using it to do a variety of things, like call people, skype or search the web.

Technology has enabled the humans to be lazy essentially. If someone wanted to, they would not have to leave their house for a year. Technology allows us to have EVERYTHING at our fingertips. If you wanted to talk to a friend or tell them to come over, there is skype, email, Twitter, Facebook, and the list goes on. If you wanted food, you can call or order it. If you need to buy clothes or groceries, you can search the web. Or if you needed to check the weather report, play a game, watch a movie, etc., there is an app for it. These cellphones (and even computers, ipods, cars etc) have names, as if they are human. These technologies (cellphones, computers, ipods, cars etc) have names, as if they are human.

I have heard people joke that technology will one day be smarter than humans. But I do not think it is a joke. It can become reality. As more inventions are created and technology becomes faster and more capable of simulating human thought process, technology has the real possibility of surpassing us in skills and capabilities.

So, in all honesty, it is a possibility that the line between human and computer will be so blurred that we could consider them human.


About Haley Behre

I graduated from Syracuse University in December 2011 with majors in newspaper journalism and women and gender studies. Using these majors, I aspire to become a journalist who writes about human rights issues. I have held internships at the Syracuse New Times, Dash Media PR Firm, Syracuse Post-Standard and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. I also had an internship at the Not For Sale Campaign Syracuse chapter, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. I was born in Seoul, Korea on September 30, 1990 and moved to the United States before I was one year old. When I was 8, my family and I moved to Norwich, England for three years. While I was here I was immersed into a new culture and got to experience many things other children my age do not get to. Over the three years, I visited Ireland, France and the Netherlands several times, and Belgium, Wales and Sweden once. In the winter of 2010, I got an amazing opportunity to visit Kenya for a month. This was by far the single most eye-opening experience of my life thus far. The natural beauty of the landscape and its people do not compare to anything I have seen. I currently intern for the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press in the hopes of getting a full-time job at a newspaper or non-profit after.
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