Transgender woman disqualified from Miss Universe Canada

According to The Huffington Post, a transgender woman was disqualified from Miss Universe Canada Friday.

Jenna Talackova, 23, was a finalist in the competition before it was discovered that she was born a man and had undergone sexual reassignment surgery when she was 19.

She was disqualified the same day she revealed she was not born female.

Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada, told theToronto Star, that while the pageant considers Talackova to be a “real girl,” “Miss Universe rules stipulate that contestants must be a ‘naturally born female.'”

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I am sorry but I fail to see the difference between “a real girl” and “a naturally born female.” At the end of the day, aren’t both girls? Who cares if one was naturally born female or not. A technicality like that should not be a deciding factor in whether Talackova should be able to participate in the pageant. Before this was revealed, she was a finalist. People had no problem seeing her beauty and “believing” she was a female. So why the change now- just because new information was revealed that she was infact born a male? She sees herself as a woman and deserves the same respect.

It is like when someone is friends with a gay man- only they do not know he is gay. They are friends and hang out all the time and then when the man decides to come out of the closet, his friend’s attitude changes. It is like he just met this person for the first time. Only, he is the same person. He was gay the whole time, you just did not know it. It does not change who he is or how you should view him.

It is the same here. Talackova was transgender the whole time and it was not a problem before. So, I am a bit confused on why it is a problem now? She is a woman. Plain and simple. She should be able to compete in this pageant and discrimination on this caliber is appalling and makes me sick.



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