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Mass grave site possibly found in Ivory Coast from massacre last year

According to The Washington Post, International Criminal Court (ICC) investigators might have found a mass grave in the west Ivory Coast town of Duekoue, where it is alleged that fighters loyal to the president killed hundreds of people during the … Continue reading

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Cameroon: Stop Prosecuting People for Being Gay

Laws criminalizing same-sex consensual relationships in Cameroon need to be revoked and those imprisoned for being gay need to be released, according to Amnesty International. Since March 2011, 13 people in Cameroon have been arrested for allegedly practicing same-sex sexual … Continue reading

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Amnesty International calls for Australian Government to eradicate practice of holding assylum seekers indefinitely

The article below was written by Amnesty International. It is calling for the Australian government to eradicate its practice of holding asylum seekers indefinitely in detention centers because it has caused irreparable damage to their mental health. An asylum seeker … Continue reading

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