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Saudia Arabia will allow “qualified” women to participate in Olympics

The article below comes from Human Rights Watch, and is about Saudi Arabia allowing “qualified” women to compete in this year’s Olympics— something the country has never allowed before. The announcement comes weeks before the Olympics are set to begin. … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia anncounces it will continue to ban women from competitive sports, including Olympics

According to the Huffington Post, Human Rights Watch has reported that Saudi Arabia’s sports minister and head of the Saudi National Olympic Committee confirmed on April 4 that the country will not support women in practicing sports. This means that … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia continues to ban women’s sports

This article was written by Human Rights Watch about the fact that Saudi Arabia has never sent a woman to the Olympics and continues to systematically discriminate against women in sports. While Saudi Arabia is not the only country in … Continue reading

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Saudi Tweeter arrested in Malaysia, could be executed if returned to Saudi Arabia

According to The Wall Street Journal, a Saudi columnist, who tweeted about the Prophet Muhammad, was arrested in Malaysia after he fled Saudi Arabia because he feared for his life. Hamza Kashgari was detained at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at … Continue reading

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