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Originally posted on The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery:
By John D. Sutter, CNN (CNN) — A quick glance at slavery stats makes the situation in Mauritania seem fairly hopeless: The West African nation was last in the world…

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A slave owner becomes an abolitionist

I just read a story from CNN about a young slave owner turned abolitionist in Mauritania. And I must say it was such a touching story. According to the article, Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane received a gift for his circumcision … Continue reading

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A letter from Frederick Douglass

The letter below comes from Lettersofnote.com but I have copied it here for convenience. It is from Frederick Douglass in September 1848. Douglass wrote a letter to Thomas Auld, who had been Douglass’ slave master. The letter was published in … Continue reading

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Letters of Note: A letter from a former slave

Letter written by Jourdan Anderson, a former slave, to his former master, Colonel P.H. Anderson. I found this letter on Letters of Note. I have copied the letter for readers’ convenience, but you can read the whole post on Lettersofnote.com. … Continue reading

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Child slaves in cocoa fields

The slavery of children- and humans in general- has become a “normal” aspect of many countries around the world.  These children are forced into labor from a young age, and transported to various countries around the world to serve the … Continue reading

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